Anti Static Precautions

Why Anti Static precaution is a must when taking apart a laptop, pc or handling an electronic component.

Majority of people ignore the obvious warning “STATIC ELECTRICITY” labels that come with electronic components. There are a lot of bad practices out there and whilst it may seem you have gotten away with it many times I assure you that you have not. Consider these events:

DOA – Probably wasnt

Didnt last long – Wonder Why

Sudenly blown – Weakend when handeld

DOA – If you don’t take precautions, how do you know it wasnt you blowing one of the billions of parts. I was told that you dont feel static discharge until it reaches 25 thousand volts. Whilst that may or may not be true it kind of makes sense as when you do feel the bolt it dam hurts.

Didnt last long – If you don’t take precautions, how do you know you didn’t weaken a component part. You could pass enough charge to thin the intracate metal links that eventually one power up can’t take the surge and blow.

Suddenly blown – Same as didn’t last long, any item weakened when either turned on or pressured it can suddenly die when metal elements are thined for example.

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